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Where To Have The Sweetest Adventures in Europe

“If something is unladylike and fattening, it must be a lot of fun”- motto of my younger self. I can’t believe that it’s already Valentine’s Day! This is quite a special day because it was on Valentine’s day of 2012 that I launched Annzventures. Wow, my blog is actually celebrating its second year and I’m […]

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Postcards from Lake Constance

My time in Madrid is coming to an end and while I’m still here, I am maximizing my weekends to travel to other countries in Europe. One of them is Germany. And since summer is just around the corner I figured I start writing about my summer destination recommendations in Europe. What a better way […]

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Suddenly in Switzerland

I know I am overdue with my blog postings and haven’t updated in a while so this is just a post to say, I am still alive and still traveling. But if you’ve been following my twitter updates, you’ll know that I am now currently in the land of the best chocolates in the world, […]

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