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Highlights of My Travels in 2013

If there is one word to describe my 2013, it is Flow. This year has got me flowing through some major ups and downs in life. Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed the whole journey where I learned some wonderful lessons. This post is short and sweet covering my 2013 in just a few sentences. As a […]

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A Journey to the Romantic City of Sintra

I’ve been having a hard time thinking how to write this post about Sintra. Today we are having such great weather in Thailand despite the fact that it’s rainy season here. One of the staff members in the place where I’m staying at told me that the past few weeks, Southern Thailand has been surprisingly […]

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10 Reasons To Visit Lisbon

Portugal is one of those countries I can’t seem to get enough of. After my wonderful, wonderful trip to Porto and Northern Portugal, I knew that I was going to come back. After the disappointment that my friend has about her visa and me traveling solo in the north, she finally made it to come […]

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Douro Valley: Portugal’s Best Kept Secret

When I was researching on other places to see while visiting Porto and Northern Portugal, Douro Valley kept popping up. I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I know no one who has been here before so I consulted a few of my favorite travel blogs. Turns out everyone who has been here only […]

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What Really Happened in Portugal and Why Porto is One of My Favorite Cities

No matter how long you are traveling or how far you have gone, there are a lot of cities that will fascinate and surprise you. However, very few can capture a heart of a well-traveled person. That’s exactly how I felt when I came to and left Porto. Since I was living in Madrid last […]

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