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How Long-Term Travel Transforms You

“What you know matters, but who you are matters most.” – Brené Brown In every wanderer’s long journey, there is always that time to come home. And when she returns, she brings gifts and shares these gifts to the people around her. To say that putting into words all the best lessons I’ve learned for […]

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Life Lessons from My Travels of 2012

To say that my 2012 has been incredible is an understatement. 2012 has turned way better than I imagined. The funny thing was that this was the year that I did not set specific goals yet I got a lot of things done. I traveled around ten new countries, started this blog, promoted tourism to […]

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27 Life Lessons Learned in My One Year of Travel

It’s been a year now since I left home in the US. 2011 was a big year! It was the year I quit my job and embarked on my biggest adventure. As I celebrate my 1 year travel anniversary today, I share here some of the important life lessons I learned: from the planning stages […]

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Public Speaking Adventures in Jagna, Bohol

(I had to explain my situation with the tiger) I went to Bohol for very specific reasons: to see my cousins, see the world’s smallest primate- the tarsiers, chocolate hills and of course Panglao beach. However when I got  to Tagbilaran, I didn’t have any idea that my cousin’s home is located three hours away […]

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My Favorite Travel Quotes

I’m a big fan of quotes. Here I compiled my most favorite quotes- quotes that I picked up and relate to during my travels. Hope these will also inspire you to explore our beautiful world and travel more. (Photo: Sunset in Gili Trawangan,Indonesia) “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things […]

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