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This is the Thailand that I Love

Me and my Soul Sister having a ball in Thailand last July “Why is the key on the door knob?”, my soul sister asks me. Me: “I don’t know, I thought you kept it.” SS: “We slept the whole night with the key on the knob!?!” Me: “I guess so.” SS: “Is it really this […]

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Delightful finds in Chiang Mai

If there is any place I can live for a long time in the whole of South East Asia it is Chiang Mai. The first time I’ve ever been to Chiang Mai was a few days after my birthday, August of last year. At first I didn’t know what’s so special about this city. But […]

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Adventures in Thai Cooking

Chiang Mai is my favorite city in Thailand. I loved it so much that I actually lived here for a month. There are plenty of places to go, temples to see, night markets and bazaars to wander and haggle around for good finds, great and cheap street foods. If you’re also a vegetarian and adventure […]

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