Postcards from Segovia

One of the best things about living in a city like Madrid is its proximity and accessibility to surrounding cities in Spain. If you’re visiting Spain’s capital, it’s nice to go around other nearby cities and do your own trips. One of those cities is Segovia.

Segovia Old Town

Segovia is just an hour bus ride away from Madrid and very easy to get to. There are hourly buses that go from Principe Pio station and a return ticket cost me around Euro 15 ($20).  You will get off at the last stop which is the bus station in Segovia. In here you’ll find a small kiosk for tourist information.  The old town can be easily explored by foot so just ask for a map from the information desk and you’re on your way to exploring the city.

Places of Interest

1. The Aqueducts

Segovia top view

The most prominent monument that you’ll notice in the old city of Segovia are the Aqueducts that were build by the Romans. There’s so much history in this place and it’s interesting to see how this old city evolved and maintained its cultural heritage, making it one of UNESCO’s heritage sites. The city is also one of the candidates to be a European Capital of Culture in 2016 due to its culture and great heritage.

2. Segovia’s Narrow Streets

street in segovia

There’s quite a couple of places that you need to see in this city. And to get that would involve wandering around its narrow streets.

street 2

What I love most about Europe are its narrow streets. I love how every street can be different and I do enjoy getting lost in them. But for a small city like Segovia, it’s impossible to get lost.

Segovia windows

Next thing I love after the streets are the windows and balconies. I love seeing the colorful windows on different neighborhoods in Madrid as it is like almost in every city in Spain like here in Segovia.

3. Casa de los Picos

Casa de los Picos

On the main road going to the square, there is a historical house decorated with pyramid shape points on the façade called “Casa de los Picos” or the “House of Points".

4. The Cathedral


Once you made your way through the streets you will end up in a square where the Cathedral is located. The gothic style is quite a view and you can also visit inside for a minimal fee.

5. Alcázar


The Alcázar was originally built as a fortress but has served as mostly as a royal palace. Throughout the middle ages, it has been the favorite residence of monarchs of the Kingdom of Castille. This is also where Queen Isabella I was crowned. Another interesting fact about this castle is that it was one of the inspirations for Walt Disney’s Cinderella castle.

Segovia winter

Segovia was the first short excursion I took this year from Madrid. It can easily be done in half day and can also be combined with another nearby city Avila. Due to its proximity to the mountain range of Sierra de Guadarrama, visiting here during the winter can be very cold. I’d say the best time to visit would be Spring or Autumn. Nonetheless there’s a lot of sights, restaurants to try and museums to enjoy for any kind of traveler. And if you are a UNESCO World Heritage Sites fan like I am, this is one place you don’t want to miss.

Saludos de España,


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