Adventures in Bohol: Off the Beaten Track

Since I was already in Jagna (pronounced as Hag-na) and was not able to do the “tourist” thing yet, I took the time a few days after my talk to explore the rural town of Jagna and what I saw surprised me.


(Old Church in Jagna, dating back to the Spanish colonial times)

P1100800 (The quiet street in Jagna)

I took the afternoon walking around the streets and asked the teachers at the Foundation what else I could see in their small town. I was advised to hike Mt. Ilihan, a mountain that locals hike for pilgrimage during holy week. They told me that I could see the whole town from the top. I went for a hike and arrived just in time for the sunset.


(Sunset view from Mount Ilihan)

I planned the next day to do the tourist thing again- see the chocolate hills, tarsiers and Panglao beach. But then again, I didn’t make it because of heavy rains. So I just took the day to relax at my cousins house and update my travel journal. It’s amazing how close their house is to the pier that I can hear the waves of the sea especially at night in my room. I felt so inspired.


(The view from my cousins’ backyard)

Good thing in the afternoon the rains stopped and I was able to explore the town again. I went out to climb another mountain. This time I was accompanied by my cousin’s housekeeper and his husband. The three of us climbed the mountain with a motorbike. We also had to hike for a bit before we reached the top.


(Almost there… yay!)


(I got a star for reaching the top!)

Before I left Mount Kabalintin, it was just right in time again for a beautiful sunset.


(Sunset view from Mount Kabalintin)

My experience in going off the beaten track has been fantastic! Before this I only intended to stay in Panglao beach and do all the tourist activities there and in Carmen, Bohol. I’m so glad to stay a couple more days in Jagna, met locals and saw these majestic views. I find it even more beautiful than Chocolate Hills itself. Not only that, Jagna is also a great drop off point to Camiguin, an island that is meant to be discovered! It will be another blog post soon.

- Anna

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