Highlights of My Travels in 2013

If there is one word to describe my 2013, it is Flow. This year has got me flowing through some major ups and downs in life. Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed the whole journey where I learned some wonderful lessons.

This post is short and sweet covering my 2013 in just a few sentences. As a thank you for following along my adventures, I invite you to join me as I look back on my most memorable experiences from the places I visited this year.

Here’s where I’ve been:

In Spain I lived the good European life soaking in the Spanish culture in Madrid,

Madrid, Spain

went on a quick adventure to marvel the snowcapped mountains of Segovia,

Segovia, Spain

and traveled all the way to the south to see to the world famous Alhambra of Granada.

Granada, Spain

In Portugal, I reconnected with my love for solo travel in Porto,

Porto, Portugal

took myself on a spontaneous train ride in Northern Portugal to wander around Guimarães,

Guimaraes, Portugal

and soaked in nature’s beauty of the Douro valley while savoring the finest Portuguese wines.

Douro Valley, Portugal

I then went south to enjoy a sunnier and warmer weather in Lisbon with friends old and new

Lisbon, Portugal

and went on a journey Easter Monday to visit the quaint and peaceful town of Fátima.

Fatima, Portugal

I also went castle hopping in the World Heritage Site of Sintra in Portugal

Sintra, Portugal

as well as the beautiful castle filled city of Potsdam in Germany.

Potsdam, Germany

In Berlin, I immersed myself with the magnetic atmosphere of this vibrant city.

Berlin, Germany

In England, I let London sweep me with wonderful surprises,

London, England

was astonished with picturesque Bath,

Bath, England

and got really lucky to have beautiful weather on my first trip to Brighton’s beach.

.Brighton, England

I also indulged on the biggest chocolate adventure of my life in Birmingham


From London, I took an overnight bus to go to Scotland and see the stunning city of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

and was in awe of mother nature’s wonders in the Scottish Highlands.

Scottish Highlands

After Europe, I went for a quick visit to Toronto

Toronto, Canada

before spending a few weeks enjoying the beautiful summer in the US with family and friends.

New York, NY

After the US, I enjoyed the most relaxing flight back to Asia

Cathay flight

where I spent time with the dearest people in my life in Manila.

Makati, Philippines

I also returned to Southern Thailand exploring Krabi’s provinces

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

and disconnected from the rest of the world to live and celebrate life in the island of Ko Lanta.

Ko Lanta, Thailand

No doubt, my 2013 has been a great year of travels and adventures very well spent in countries old and new. Though I did not have a particular set of itinerary or agenda, I realized that flowing through life and travels is the kind of adventure that is perfect for me. I can’t help but be so grateful and happy with how my travels unfolded.

It is my hope that your year has been filled with beautiful adventures too! I’ll see you again before the year ends.

Enjoying the last few days of 2013,


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